Health care news within the first week of passage

AT&T will
take $1B non-cash charge for health care

 By BARBARA ORTUTAY, AP Technology Writer Barbara Ortutay, Ap
Technology Writer

Fri Mar 26, 7:43 pm ET

NEW YORK – AT&T Inc. will take a $1
billion non-cash accounting charge in the first quarter because of the health
care overhaul and may cut benefits it offers to current and retired workers.

Gap in health
care law’s protection for children

administration scrambles to fix gap in health care law’s protection for

Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press Writer, On Wednesday March 24, 2010, 5:24 am

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hours after
President Barack Obama signed historic health care legislation, a potential
problem emerged. Administration officials are now scrambling to fix a gap in
highly touted benefits for children.  Obama made better coverage for children
a centerpiece of his health care remake, but it turns out the letter of the law
provided a less-than-complete guarantee that kids with health problems would
not be shut out of coverage.  Under the new law, insurance companies
still would be able to refuse new coverage to children because of a
pre-existing medical problem…

GAME: Drug lobby’s health care win

By ALAN FRAM, Associated Press
Writer Alan Fram, Associated Press Writer
– Mon Mar 29, 6:31 am ET

WASHINGTON – Chalk one up for the
pharmaceutical lobby. The U.S. drug industry fended off price curbs and other
hefty restrictions in President Barack Obama’s health care law even as it
prepares for plenty of new business when an estimated 32 million uninsured
Americans gain health coverage. 

Health overhaul likely to strain doctor shortage

Writer Lauran Neergaard, Ap Medical Writer
– Mon Mar 29, 3:18 am ET

WASHINGTON – Better beat the crowd and
find a doctor.

Primary care physicians already are in
short supply in parts of the country, and the landmark health overhaul that
will bring them millions more newly insured patients in the next few years
promises extra strain. 

Health premiums could rise 17 pct for young

Writer Carla K. Johnson, Ap Medical Writer
– Mon Mar 29, 8:47 pm ET

CHICAGO – Under the health care
overhaul, young adults who buy their own insurance will carry a heavier burden
of the medical costs of older Americans — a shift expected to raise insurance
premiums for young people when the plan takes full effect. 

Medical Society Files Lawsuit to Block Health
Care Overhaul Updated March 30, 2010

With the president’s ink barely dry on
the health care overhaul’s final fixes, a group of nearly 5,000 American
physicians is filing suit to stop the mammoth new law dead in its tracks.

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