Stephen Lerner (SEIU) Wants To Create Greater Crisis In U.S.

I waited a couple days to post this to see if the “mainstream” media covered it: CNN…No, MSNBC…No, Foxnews…No. If this was a representative of the Tea Party saying this, it would be front page news across the country, but it’s not; it’s a representative of the SEIU, a major financial backer of our current President (whom President Obama still has not disassociated himself with) calling for people to cause more problems during these trying times in their hope for social change.

To think, that in civilized society, people will admit that they wish to abandon “intellectual argument” in a reach for “power.”  They obviously have no faith in winning that argument on intellectual terms.  But if we abandon intellectual argument, does that not place us on an equal playing field as talking monkeys?  Is wishing greater discord (or harm) among our fellow man, our fellow countrymen for that manner, a way to work toward improvement of our country and these times of economic hardship?

And the media coverage…………(snore…… chirp…… chirp)?  Imagine if this was a supporter of President Bush, or Romney, or Perry, or….

Rahm Emanual’s “Never let a good crisis go to waste” statement must have caught on.

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