Tea vs. OWS

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The above picture makes a good point, but is also misleading since President Obama never personally called the Tea Party terrorists (of course, I don’t remember him condemning the statement either).  On the other hand, there are numerous articles about Pelosi, Biden, and others from the Democratic Party making that very assertion.  Most of us are already aware of the differences between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street groups, and below are a few example of how they contrast.

One of those contrasts is shown in how the Tea Party’s philosophies and demands are built upon limiting government, maintaining low taxes, and revising/equalizing our tax code in an effort to systematically erase our national debt.  It just so happens that their arguments have a lot of support from over 200 years ago, as a number of intelligent men sacrificed, debated, and developed a new form of government.  The Constitution and its supporting documents of that era are the foundation of the Tea Party’s reasoning.  For this they are referred to as “teabaggers, evil mongers, extremists, racists, unreasonable,” and yes, “terrorists.”

Meanwhile, the Occupy Wall Street philosophies and demands are more closely aligned with socialist ideals that have failed throughout history.  They wish to put an end to what they consider income disparities, and they seek a “direct” democracy which was strongly argued against by America’s forefathers due to its greater threat to liberty and personal rights (examples can be found in the Federalist Papers).  Quit simply, they are not asking what can I do for my country,  but what can my country do for me?  For this, they are smiled upon by democrats, unions, socialists, and communists.

Some differences between these two groups are striking (as is shown below).  The most striking is that the group that basis itself on the foundations of this country and the ideals of its creators, is the one referred to as terrorists.

Keep in mind that the Tea Party demonstrations tend to clean up after themselves, don’t overburden local governments, and have not damaged public or personal property (believe me, the media would have reported it if they did!).  One of the main request from the Occupy Wall Street crowd is that they want jobs..yet they harm or threaten the jobs of others?

Occupy Oakland Shut Down a Port Already Struggling for Survival

Milk Street Cafe Owner Sacks 21 Employees As Consequence Of Occupy Wall Street Demonstration

Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR

Occupy Wall Street: More than 700 Arrested After Protesters Block Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge

Repairing Occupy L.A. damage to City Hall lawn could cost $400,000

Protester Camps Killing Tax-Funded Grass at McPherson Square

Bloomberg Accuses Wall St. Protesters of Trying to Hurt NYC Economy

Other stories can be found throughout the internet news sites, and who knows what the future will bring.


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