Defund/Repeal Obamacare

Dear Senator,

We would never wish to damage the economy, worsen healthcare, or to burden our children with walls of debt; but if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is fully implemented, that is exactly what will happen. You may agree or disagree with me upon each of these results, and the intent of this letter is stray from emotion to a logical argument in support the introductory sentence. To wit, not only does this act bring upon such dread, it will cause the unraveling of the very fabric of this nation, and the ultimate loss of our liberty. Some scoff at such statements, but due the wholesome reality of facts I ask that you support the repealing of, defunding of, or at the very least, the postponement of, the ACA.

The warning signs were as clear as a stoplight on a clear dark night, yet people felt the emotional tug at their hearts to accomplish something in an attempt to save people and improve their lives. The light unfortunately blinded them of the unforeseen consequences of their grand vision for mankind. Three years later on the cusp of implementation we find ourselves staring at news stories that appear the mirrored headlines of warning born in 2010. Let me share my observance and life experience.

My opening argument rests upon the damage to the economy resultant from the past few years. I argue that this act caused greater friction and delay to our country’s economic recovery than any other factor. When businesses and investors don’t know how things are going to work, they delay until the true affects upon them can be determined. Only foolish business leaders rush into the unknown or undetermined…and they usually are not in business for long. Now we are seeing companies dropping their insurance programs, laying people off, and lessening worker’s hours below the 30-hour threshold. The President’s administration is proud to tout their creation of millions of jobs, devoid of two facts that you and I are already aware of. One, we still have a net loss of workers in the workforce; and two, over seventy percent of those jobs created are part time. This last point should have the bells of alarm ringing in our heads, but it appears too many are unwilling to pull the utopian dream soaked cotton from their ears. If kept alive, the ACA will continue to have negative impact upon employment and the economy.

Some argue that ACA will improve healthcare. I ask how anyone with an ounce of logic and historical knowledge can honestly make such an argument with a few simple questions. Can anyone name one, just one, example of a less competitive system bringing better and more affordable product to market? The President has argued that ACA increases competitiveness, which is counterintuitive of the government dictating what has to be done and what is permitted. Can anyone name one program where the government saved money while making a program more efficient? No one can honestly make such an argument when faced with a historical balance overwhelmingly tilted to the contrary. Have you asked military members if they had a choice, would they prefer to go to a military or private doctor/hospital? My entire adult life has involved the military and I can tell you that at least eight of ten prefer the private, yet the ACA moves our healthcare closer to that of our armed services. Lastly, does anyone really believe that the service of our doctors will improve with even greater regulation and pay constrictions? You, as I, are already aware of the impending doctor shortage and this lack of incentive will further our problems. Quite simply, medical care will get worse, not better, due to the ACA. Now the promises of the past that we will be able to keep our doctors or our healthcare plans have been immensely toned down or completely removed the talking points of ACA proponents.

This act was fist sold to the American people as costing less than a trillion dollars for ten years. Of course, Medicare payments to doctors was coincidentally kept in a separate $200 billion bill that never even made it close to the front page of the newspapers. It didn’t take long for that number to jump to $1.3 trillion as the few years of tax money coming in, but not going out, came to an end. We cannot argue that the government’s costs have a nasty habit of exceeding projections. The states participating with the exchanges will watch their burdens grow in the not too distant future…and all of this is based on best-case scenarios. Just as Medicare ended up costing way beyond projections, so will this; and it will add to our country’s already ridiculous debt. Greater government involvement of this magnitude and supposedly lowering costs, while continuing to have the best medical care, is a balancing act that the ACA does not support.

This law not only will cause greater long term financial trouble for our country, it will pin our children in a corner and reduce the quality of care we enjoy today. I can tell you this from experience as both former member of our military, as a father, as someone in the healthcare industry, and as a lifelong student of history. Of the greatest concern is the threat to the continuation of this country due to the new frontier and philosophy of governance given birth from this act…the opening of Pandora’s box. It is not based upon the premise of this country’s founding and starts the slippery slide (though with modern issues) which has been the fall of so many nations before us. History is rife with example. The basic precepts of our republic has resulted in the longest used constitution in history, yet this law violates the very foundation of it philosophical ideals…we only need to review the warnings of our forefathers. Support for this law is support for the tearing down of this modern Rome, for which we cannot sit idly. I will not only vote against, but rally others in voting out any congressional member of our great state that does not actively work toward the repeal of this venomous act. This act was, and is, a direct assault upon the very document we took an oath to protect. IT WILL “fundamentally change our nation.” Was being a child in America so bad that it requires fundamental change?

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