Dear Congress: Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order

Dear Senators and Representatives,

I am writing to ask what you intend to do about the president’s executive order tonight, the 20th of November; if anything. If you do not intend to do anything to prevent the abdication of congressional powers, then I ask that you please provide the specific reference within the United States Constitution that permits this action.

While some defend this as an action well within the executive power and may even attempt to equate it to the actions of past Republican presidents, it fails upon one simple train of logic. What the President did tonight is the same as if President Bush had requested tax reform from congress and after such reform not being produced; he then decides that he cannot sit idly with Congress’s inaction. An executive order is then executed stating that certain tax laws will no longer be enforced for people who have been in the top one percent since January 1, 2005. Of course, this would be outrageous, has no basis in law, would be declared an abomination by the Democrats (and hopefully Republicans) and outrageous by the media. Immediate calls for impeachment would follow. Yet its foundation differs not from today’s exploit.

The argument of past presidents doing the same is a red herring since both those executive actions were based on a statute passed by congress in 1986, which could have forced children and spouses of those just granted amnesty to be deported. I’m sure that separating these families was not the intent of congress, the presidential actions were within one and three years of it becoming law, and congress later codified it. Will you please provide me one statute passed by congress within the past 10 years that is amended by this current presidential order?

Whether Democrat or Republican should not matter to any congressional representative today, what matters is that this is yet another usurping of authority; which left unchecked proves another example of Congress’s abdication of power. Article I, Section 8, clearly gives you the power in determining paths to naturalization; Article II, Section 3, clearly says that your laws will be “faithfully executed” by the executive. Should we start using the Constitution as toilet paper, or is there anyone in Congress that still believes in the oath they took?   Roads dangerous to our Republic and our kin are being paved before our eyes.

I appreciate your work for our state and will be grateful for your response on this pivotal decision. Congress’s reaction to this power grab will clearly portray their character and what they represent. The tools of the Constitution give Congress the means of protecting it…if they have fortitude to utilize them. I pray that your strengths, your love of country, and your dedication to the American People permit your influence upon others in defense of our Constitution. If you believe this is a non-issue then my fear for our country is ever more warranted.

May God bless you and these United States!


You are permitted to use this letter in its entirety, as long as no changes are made except for salutation and signature. If posting to another website, credit and link to this page must accompany your post. -ML.

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