Support Rep. Meadows’ Motion to Remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House!

Feel free to use the below to swamp our Congressional Representatives with emails and phone calls!  U.S. House Switchboard…(202) 225-3121.  You can click here to find and email your representative.

Dear Congressman,

I’m writing to ask that you place your full support behind Representative Meadows’ motion to vacate the chair.

I have sat here in awe these past six months as I have watched the Republican lead congress do nothing, nothing to thwart the unabashed power grabs by the executive and judicial branches, and in fact creating a vacuum those two branches are all too willing to fill. The current congressional leadership talks a superb talk and then continually walks in the complete opposite direction…lockstep with our imperial president. A minority in position of authority, are pulling all the strings antithesis to a republican form of government. I offer the following in support of the above statements:

-The leaders declared their giving up of the power of the purse before the new Republican majority even took their seats.

-Instead of making the tough decisions and standing up to protect our Constitution, they have consistently brushed it off to the judicial branch, and sometimes by their own lawsuits. What if the decision gets pushed to a liberal court that decides against our ideals, as exampled in the most recent SCOTUS decisions? This is not leadership, this is feeling comfortable in a position and not wanting the boat rocked.

-They have abdicated their power to legislate to the executive; whether we are talking about immigration, or one of the many new “regulations” pushed upon us by non-elected, non-representative, personnel in administrative agencies.

-And the obvious cronyism, whether to corporations or the Washington establishment.

This is a time where we need best leaders we can muster. Leaders who have the moral fortitude to take the fight to all who wish to subvert our Constitution and the rule of law. For, if those have no meaning, no backbone, then our oaths to protect it mean nothing. Our promise to the next generation means nothing. Once again, I humbly ask that you support a change in Congress in the protection of what liberties we have left.

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