Still On The Fence This Election Day?

Keep it simple….
-One candidate believes we should make way for a global governmental system.

-The other believes is the sovereignty of the U.S. and wants to make it stronger.

-One is for greater government control of private businesses.

-The other says that they’ll cut regulations to liberate businesses.

-One said they will raise your taxes.

-The other says they will lower your taxes.

-One scoffs at our military, makes no commitment to them, and treats Secret Service personnel like servants.

-The other praises our military and promises to build them up to meet current day threats.

-One supports Obamacare, which has lessened competition and increased prices, and has a goal of a one payer (government run) system…how’s that working for the VA?

-The other wants to repeal Obamacare and remove barriers to make a more competitive market, just like in business, to help lower costs.

-One says they’ll only nominate judges to further their progressive agenda and makes no mention of the Constitution in their decision.

-The other says they’ll only nominate those dedicated to upholding the Constitution, and provided an admirable list of such people to the public.

-One believes that your right to defend yourself should be limited and falsely represents SCOTUS opinions on the 2nd Amendment.

-The other says they fully support your 2nd Amendment rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

-One believes that partial birth abortion in the third trimester is perfectly acceptable…for any reason.

-The other sees this for what it is: murder of a living being viable of living outside the womb.

-One believes they are above, or may subvert, the law, and actively took steps to ensure no liability or oversight to their employer…the American People.

-The other uses lawful policies to ensure the most profit for their business…which was their job, but they are still demonized for working within the law.

-One fully supports socialist policies.

-The other prefers that of capitalism.

If you haven’t guessed,
-One is Hillary Clinton.

-The other is Donald Trump.

If you believe in the Constitution and liberty, the answer is clear.* Trump may only follow through with half his promises, but that’s 50% better than Hillary’s agenda. Her entire campaign is free abortions, free condoms, and more government as the answer. Bigger government never maintains or increases liberty, it chokes it out. What do you want for you children’s future?

*My apologies to Gary Johnson since I do like some of his policies, but the simple truth is that most people don’t even know who he is and he has no chance of winning. Not allowing greater involvement of third party candidates is one way that our system really is “rigged”, and that is bad for all of us.

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