D.C. Link

Research, contact, and stay up to date:

Thomas.gov – With current bills, the congressional record, schedules, committee reports, and other governmental resources; this is a great place to find out what the bills really say, and who voted for them.

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) – How much are those laws going to cost our country?  Created in 1974 to provide “objective, nonpartisan, and timely analysis to aid in economic and budgetary decisions” for Congress.

The White House – Contact the President, legislation, issues, schedules, and administration information.

Contacting the Congress – A quick, one stop link, for contacting all your U.S. Congressmen.

U.S. Senate – Contact your senator, committee information, legislation, and records.

U.S. House of Representatives – Contact your congressman, current bills, U.S. codes, records, and educational resources.

Ready.gov – Disaster response information from FEMA

Library of Congress – “Largest library in the world” and the “research arm of Congress.”

GPO Access – Free electronic resources from the Federal Government.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids – History, how laws are made, games and activities, and websites for kids.

USA.gov – Governmental search engine


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